About Us

The bottom line – at JGI we all come to work everyday because we want to add value to our community, our partners and help our clients achieve success. Our success is a direct result of our clients success.

Since starting as a small commercial real estate brokerage firm in 2002, we have always held true to our core values and ethics. The top value being "add value to our client and their success by always putting the clients interest first" This belief along with a lot of hard work has helped us grow into a strategical partner for many of our clients giving them the resources and capabilities needed to make a difference in their success. Throughout the history of business, people have been strategically alining themselves with the right partners and resources to make more informed and calculated decisions. With the right team, you can create a more precise and definitive path to attaining your goals.

Our mission at JGI, is to be open, honest, informed and make our partnership more transparent to become an instrumental resource for our partners and clients. Our firms diverse solutions , industry knowledge and key contacts create an opportunistic environment for our clients to achieve success. We love what we do and have fun doing it.